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Administrative Assistants Are in Demand

Every business or corporation has key people who keep the office running smoothly. They take calls, schedule meetings, prepare reports, oversee mailings, troubleshoot problems, and manage projects. They are administrative assistants and secretaries, and without them the world of business would grind to a halt.

You can find them in a wide variety of office settings. Administrative assistants work in small offices, in nonprofits such as museums, in universities, in big multinational corporations, and in government. They often have skills that are transferable from one setting to another, so they can more easily jump up the ladder of business success. Many administrative assistants get additional education, which may include a master of business administration, to qualify for upper management positions.

In the old days, they were all simply called secretaries. They had to know how to type and how to make coffee. No longer! Today’s administrative assistants are highly qualified members of the office team. They must be proficient in many computer software applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access. They may use Powerpoint to create audiovisual presentations, and they prepare reports from database information and coordinate projects. They use a variety of office equipment including photocopiers, scanners, fax machines, and videoconferencing and telephone systems.

Many administrative assistants specialize in a specific career field. Medical secretaries work in health care settings, including physician’s offices and hospitals. They do not treat patients, but assist physicians or medical personnel with reports, articles, speeches, and conference proceedings. Legal secretaries assist attorneys in law offices, reviewing legal journals and assisting with legal research. They may also prepare legal papers including complaints, motions, summonses, responses, and subpoenas under the supervision of an attorney or a paralegal. Legal secretaries may be certified by the National Association of Legal Secretaries (NALS), Inc.

Training for a Career as an Administrative Assistant

How do you prepare for a career as an administrative assistant? You need to be prepared. Personal grooming is important, and you have to know how to work in an office environment. A high school diploma or GED is essential. College-level training is even better.

Many accredited career schools offer diploma, certificate, associate degree, or bachelor’s degree programs in business. Programs typically last from one year for a diploma to four years for a bachelor’s degree. For the convenience of working adults, many business degree programs are available online, even MBAs.

New Jobs Are Being Created Now

The job outlook is good. According to the U.S. government, in the current decade from 2008 through 2018 the U.S. will add about 471,000 new administrative assistant and secretarial jobs of all types. Growth will vary according to the job category. The best prospects will be for medical secretaries, legal secretaries, executive secretaries, and administrative assistants. Career opportunities are expected to be best for people with training in software applications, and for experienced administrative assistants and secretaries. Opportunities should be very good for applicants with advanced computer and communication skills.

But how do you get started? The best way is to research career colleges. Log onto a reputable online college directory. Search for administrative assistant or business programs. Compare colleges and what they have to offer, including financial aid and career services. Then contact the schools that offer what you need. In less time than you think, you could be training for a rewarding career or expanding your existing training to qualify for a better job.

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